The addiction that they call Social Media.

Have you ever met anyone where you ask “Do you use social media” and they say ‘NO’ In the past I have actually been known to reply “What on earth do you do with yourself’

I am a huge fan of social media but I also wanted to let you into my theory on why if your not careful social media can have the opposite effect on your mindset and cause you not to be being productive with your time.

Firstly something you absolutely have to realise is that the people that you are following on whatever social media platform you choose (on most occasions the same person on more than one form of social media) is that THEY are in control of every aspect of their life that they want you to see.

Now don’t get me wrong we have all seen from time to time that some people are happy to hang their dirty laundry for all to see on social media but the majority of posts are people showcasing the areas of life that they want others to see, usually the part that they are happy for you to follow.

Social media should be fun and uplifting and with this, in mind you should follow people who inspire and make you smile but it is not to compare yourself to anyone else. Studies have proven that social media can cause people to compare themselves to others often leaving them feeling inadequate and feelings of not being good enough.

You have to remember that everyone’s lives and journey are completely different and you are unique in your own right. Be inspired and uplifted by social media but do not compare yourself to anyone. If you do find yourself slipping into that trap use the brilliant invention of ‘unfollow’ for your own sanity you will be grateful that you did.

Social Media has been described as an addiction with us constantly posting on Facebook, updating our twitter or Instagram with us ‘capturing the moment’ and wanting the world to see OR catching up on anything ‘great’ we might have missed in the last 10 minutes since we last checked. What happened to ‘be present and in the moment’. Recently I read a sign in a coffee shop that said, ‘No wifi here, pretend its the 90’s and make conversation with your friend’ This really got me thinking because I am also guilty of being consumed with what is happening in everyone else lives through the eyes of social media to miss the special moments around me.

My advice is to make a conscious effort, stop strolling aimlessly through your newsfeed and be present where you are with the people that you are sharing the moment with and create memories that you will look back on and cherish forever. Im not saying don’t update your social media platforms I’m just saying limit the time you spend on there as you will find that this will cause you to be more productive with your time and ultimately get more done and achieve more.

Lisa & Emma x