The more reflective you are the more effective you are.

We have established that we are connected to our goals and dreams, striving for success and we know that this all starts with a clear solid plan…. but what follows that plan?

Monthly reviews of both your business and personal life will keep you connected to your initial goals. It allows you to identify areas of improvement and recognise any areas of success no matter how small.

Improve your life

If you are looking to improve or even maintain certain aspects of your life and business surely you need to know what is working well to do more of the same or look to make changes to areas that didn’t bring the required results.

What is essential during this review is that you remember you are not under scrutiny, well other than from yourself that is. You have to put your pen to paper with the first thing that comes into your head as this is your most honest answer and listening to this but more importantly acknowledging it is a critical aspect of the continuous improvement process (what we mean is don’t just write what you want to read as this not going to help in the long run)

You don’t just have to focus on one area of your life to review. It might be that you use this review to reflect on the areas of your life that are particularly important to you, personal, family, business, health or even fitness.