Master your Goals.

For most of us, goal setting is a mind field, lots of people struggle to set goals through fear of not achieving, setting them to low or believing that they are unrealistic. Here are some top tips to help you establish what is important, give you clear direction in all aspects of your life and provide the focus that you need to move forward.

Lets get started!

  1. IDENTIFY WHAT YOU NEED not just what you want. Yes, there is a difference! You might want to drive a fancy car, go on more holidays and be mortgage free however that often isn’t enough to motivate you on a daily basis. Success follows a series of daily habits that you commit to even on the days you just aren’t feeling it (yes we all have those contrary to what some might say) What is it you really need where you have an overwhelming feeling that failure is not an option. What is it that has the most impact on the here and now that will get you out of bed early each morning to work towards making that NEED goal a reality? 
  2. WRITE DOWN YOU GOALS because research has shown that those who wrote down their goals accomplished significantly more than those that didn’t. Our brain cannot keep track of all of your goals and dreams so scribble your top 3 goals down as often as you can to reaffirm whats important and again encourage the high levels of activity needed to move you closer to your goals.