Finance is Fun.

“Once you track, you will never go back”

You wouldn’t get into your car without a Sat nav if you didn’t know your destination however it appears that when it comes to handling our finances we’re doing exactly that.

Focus on your growth

We set up a bank account and if were really serious a savings account but then we tend to let the month run away with itself, with little or no thought as to how and where we’re spending our hard earned cash.

Sure some of us set up a budget, we all start with the best intentions but a budget only works if we adhere to it. How then do you know if you are staying on track? Well this is where the finance tracker comes into play.

Financial tracking is a process for monitoring your expenditure and allows you to not only monitor income and expenses, but to track how and where you are spending your money. It is necessary to keep track of all of your expenses no matter how small as this allows you to identify and most probably improve where you make unnecessary purchases.

By documenting your start and end balance it provides focus for your month, it heightens your awareness to your accounts and enables you to see improvements as the months go by.

Lastly monitoring how much you save each month provides a sense of achievement, keeps you focused and that compounded over time grows your bank balance.

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