Female Entrepreneurs Rock.

So we’ve chosen NOT to title this ‘why women make better entrepreneurs than men’ however what we do want to highlight is why women have entrepreneurial bones and why they are driven by becoming successful.

Speaking as two ex-police officers with little or even no business experience I certainly wouldn’t have said that we were entrepreneurial nor did I envisage us running two very successful businesses in two entirely different industries.

These tips are based on both opinion and our observations of a predominately female industry for almost four years.

Visualise the outcome

We would like to start by saying as women we are naturally good networkers. Not all women like to network speaking from experience both being police officers who are happy not to network outside of the police environment. What we have identified is that women do like to talk, they find common interests to talk about quickly and almost effortlessly and it is not frowned upon to talk to the lady behind you in the coffee line or by the side of you at the school gates.

Women aren’t huge risk takers and carry out actions that are well formulated, usually carry out tasks as the multi tasking perfectionists that we strive to be. What women are particularly great at is adding emotion to their goals and visualising the end outcome which are key characteristics to setting goals and remaining connected to them. 

Lastly, in our observations, women aren’t afraid to ask for help to ensure that they are on the right track, but the key component is that they make great ‘cheer leaders’. In any organisation or industry, people like to feel valued. Recognition is the secret weapon to a great team spirit and encouraging people to want to more, be more and ultimately achieve more. 

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