Don’t Fail to Plan.

Wikipedia defines Planning as the process of thinking about and organising the activities required to achieve the desired goal. That got us thinking why do people say ‘Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail’

Have you ever heard this saying before and wondered if there is any truth behind it? If we look at the definition surely if planning involves organising the activities required to achieve our goals surely lack of planning will not lead to success?

Think about this…

How many roles are you currently carrying out at this very moment in time?  For example, are you a mummy, wife, friend, sister, daughter, whats your current profession? Being all of these things on top of being a cook, cleaner, taxi driver, gym fanatic, coffee lover it’s all demanding on our time. We are so much to so many different people and we can become overwhelmed with how much we have to do. Surely if we are not taking time to plan where all of these activities will fit into our 7 day week we cannot see where we have the time to plan the activities required to achieve our goals.

We’ve found that spending 30 minutes to plan your week every Sunday prepares you for your week ahead, adds focus to your week and stops you wasting time.

Take a minute and prioritise what is important, starting with the tasks that are essential. Setting your ‘to do’ list too big is not recommended as mentally it can leave you feeling that you are not being productive or progressing.

Write down your top three priorities every day and if you do not manage to complete the tasks set them again for the following day until you can tick them off with a great sense of achievement.

TOP TIP Try using coloured highlighters to block out the time in your diary for your main tasks, work, family time, housework, ‘me’ time etc, then try to be committed to that time that you have planned out to ensure that you are getting the most from your week.

Remember planning gives you Purpose, prevents Lack of direction, leads to a great sense of Achievement all of which is Necessary for success.