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Totally changed the game for me. I went from being one of the most unorganised people I knew. To proudly being a super organised, on time, professional network marketer.

Speech Marks

I literally can’t be without my planner! The best you will come across and an absolute must have!

Speech Marks

This is more than just a diary, its my mum planner, business planner, life planner in one! It’s by far the simplest & most productive planner and looks amazing when you pull out of your bag! A true Pro Planner addict!

Nicola Evans


Our Story.

Emma and Lisa struggled with planning their time. Being Police Officers, new mummies and new Entrepreneurs they were overwhelmed and under skilled in planning in all of their commitments. Their business’ boomed but time was an issue. Together they created one of the best selling planners – My Pro Planner.

Meet the creators
Meet the creators