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Dream. Plan. Succeed.

Number 1 planner of 2018. Lisa & Emma have created for you the most indispensable tool you cannot live without.



Our Story.

Emma and Lisa struggled with planning their time. Being Police Officers, new mummies and new Entrepreneurs they were overwhelmed and under skilled in planning in all of their commitments. Their business’ boomed but time was an issue. Together they created one of the best selling planners – My Pro Planner.


See Inside.

The features within the planner are custom designed by Emma and Lisa to ensure that you are making the most of your time. See our Tips section for ways to improve your time management, set clear goals & if you’re an entrepreneur then organise your time to maximise growth in your business.

Speech Marks

We only recommend what we use ourselves and so “My Pro Planner” went straight to the top of our “Tools of Choice” for what we think best suits our members needs.

We cannot wait to get our hands on the new one being totally on brand for female entrepreneurs (and mums!) everywhere.

Sarah Stone & Abigail Horne

Founders of Female Success Network

Speech Marks

I have been using Pro Planner for My Pro Planner for the past 2 years. It has been essential to my improved organisation (previously a challenge). It has helped me track not only my business but every element of my growth including my mindset. With the monthly review page asking great questions, you really do see where you have improved and also the area’s that still require some work. Its my portable accountability partner and I wouldn’t be without it.

Charlotte Pridmore

Mum of 2 & Self Employed Business Coach

Speech Marks

I have been a My Pro Planner addict for 3 years now. I have used so many other planners in the past but nothing gives me the organisation like my planner. I love how classy it looks, the quality of the paper & the features the planner has that no other planner out there has. Being a busy mum of two and running my own business I would never be able to be as structured without it. I put my business success down to using the planner and coaching using it to my team too.

Lucy Waterworth

Mummy & Network Marketing Professional

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Make More Time for What Matters Most
Hi, We’re Lisa & Emma the co creators of My Pro Planner. We’re both mummies and entrepreneurs and we understand the struggle fitting everything in. We’re here to help make 2018 the most organised and productive year ever. 

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